Indian Stocks

  • Company paying high consistent dividends is an excellent company. It’s a universal truth.
  • Company paying inconsistent or low or no dividends may or may not be an excellent company.

This article investigates 4 large-cap Indian stocks with above-average dividend yields.

These companies also have very conservative balance sheets and modest payout ratios.

Valuations of the companies are reasonable too.

With three simple criteria, I developed a short list of large cap dividend stocks. The goal was to find a number of stocks with an above average dividend yields, ultra conservative balance sheets and reasonable payout ratios.We would look at performance of these companies as part of study and future strategy

Dividend income is tax free in the hands of investors upto Rs 10 lakhs. So unlike interest, which has to be added to your total income, dividend income is tax free. Of course, we need to mention that there is a tax of 10%, if your dividend income crosses Rs 10 lakhs.

Stock Name Price-Sep 17 P/E Dividend Yield
HCL Tech 859.9 13.66 2.86
Mindtree 455.1 15.52 2.2
Greaves Cotton 155.65 21.96 3.53
Guj Pipavav Port 131.2 25.8 2.97


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